Plat-Map Service
for Google Earth®
EarthPlat is a new plat-map service for all 67 counties in Florida that displays parcel boundaries and property data for over 10 million parcels on Google Earth®.
Search Over 48 Variables
Using our extensive search capabilities you can locate properties meeting your specific criteria. (ex. all 4 bedroom houses built in 1978 that have sold in the last 6 months)

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Cancellation Policy

Your FREE "Try Now" subscription only offers a certain number of actions that can be performed. When your limit is reached, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription in order to continue using EarthPlat. You can purchase or cancel your subscription at any time.

If you chose to cancel your subscription, you will still have access for the remainder of your subscription period. You will not receive a refund (full or partial). However, EarthPlat reserves the right to discontinue service at their discretion.

To cancel your account, click on Account Information and log in to your account. Once into your account, scroll down until you see the Auto-Ship Order and under that tab select the the Stop Future Billing action button. You should not receive any future billings.

* EarthPlat is free to use for a limited time. After the free trial expires, continue using EarthPlat for $9.95/month (or the current subscription fee).